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Solid wood flooring is made from one solid piece of wood. This piece is cut straight from the tree trunk, and then with the help of a machine it’s made into a plank.

The natural appearance of hardwood flooring gives warmth and personality to any room in the house. Thanks to the production and finishing technology, it can also be mounted in rooms with high humidity. Also, due to the hardness and increased durability of exotic essences, outdoor flooring can also be installed. The finish is done without affecting the natural appearance of the wood. There is currently a rich range of solid wood flooring. Besides indigenous essences – beech, oak, cherry, maple, walnut – there are parquet floors of various exotic essences from Asia, Africa, and South America. Exotic essences have special textures and colours. They can be used both for the production of solid wood and wood flooring. As for solid wood flooring, there is the finished and the unfinished one.

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Interior recommendation

The living room and the bedrooms are the main spaces where wood flooring is recommended, precisely because it provides a pleasant touch, warmth and easier to maintain. Also, you can use solid wood flooring for stairs. The stairs will be more stable and grippy enough to avoid accidents.

Advantages of solid wood flooring

-incredibly durable as compared with other types of wood flooring

-attracts less dust, allergens and mold which gives better air quality

-beautiful look, adding elegance to your home

-makes space look bigger if you go with a light colour (grey, honey, white)

-a wide range of colours and finishes will go with any style

-easy to clean and low maintenance

-improve the acoustics in a space

-adds value to your home

-the colour doesn’t fade so the natural beauty will last

-unique flooring, with shades and swirls

-can be finished and refinished rather than replaced

Solid floor vs. engineered floor

Solid wood flooring Engineered wood flooring
Each plank is made from one single piece of wood. Is made up of layers, the bottom layer is also wood and in the middle, you will find 5-7 layers of plywood
Most of the solid wood flooring comes unfinished Engineered wood flooring comes pre-finishedhe
Can be sanded many times Can be sanded once or twice
Nailed or stapled down Easier to install with many options
Can last for decades if it is well maintained Good durability, but not as long as the solid floor
Large range of species and colours Large range of finishes and style
Can be used for first and second floors, livings rooms, dining rooms Can be used for first and second floors, and also for basements

Installing the solid wood flooring

You always need to acclimatise your new floor. The material can expand with heat and dampness. That is why we recommend that the solid wood flooring to be held  for a few days in the room where it will be installed.

The subfloor must be dry, cleaned, leveled and free of any dampness. One way to install the solid wood flooring is the glued down method. This method involves using a bonding agent, adhesive or glue. The bonding agent is put directly on your subfloor before installing your solid wood flooring.

Clean and maintenance

The solid wood floor is very easy to clean and maintain. We advise you to avoid furniture polish as it can leave a slippery residue and any products that are abrasive or contain ammonia as they can damage or scratch the solid wood.

You can use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and dust. Or you can use the vacuum but with the right attachments. Using a special wooden floor cleaner may help and a PH neutral wooden floor cleaner would be perfect. Try to clean the solid wood floor in the direction of the grain. For a wet clean, please use a microfibre mop and make sure that the mop is wrung out.

  • 500x70mm Unfinished Solid Oak Parquet Chevron Wood Flooring Block 21mm Thickness

    • Pack size: 1.220m² (left and right boxes)
    • Pack price for less than 100m²: £54.15
    • Pack price for more than 100m²: £53.15

    If you want to order over 100 sq. m. contact us by phone or live support chat for a better value per sq. m.

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