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Chevron parquet flooring is a more aligned version of the similar pattern named herringbone (the 45 degree looks similarly to herringbone).

The main installation method for Chevron is by adding it diagonally or parallel to the walls and is mainly used by people who want to make their rooms appear bigger.

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Interestingly enough the Chevron styles have been dating back to 1800 BC.

While it has origins in Ancient Greece, it was first introduced in the 16th century amongst wealthier families. The other name for chevron parquet is “point de Hongrie” which comes from a type of embroidery.

The link between Chevron and Herringbone historically is due to having a close design association with the type of flooring found in Italy. Chevron flooring is mainly popular in France and UK.

Solid And Engineered

There are two main options to chose from when you want to install Chevron in your house:

  1. Solid Wood Flooring In Chevron Style
  2. Engineered Wood Flooring in Chevron Style

The more universal solution is choosing engineered wood flooring.

Compared to solid wood flooring, Chevron parquet can be installed a lot faster with similar results.

Advantages Of Using Chevron

The main advantage of this type of wood flooring besides luxury is its ease of cleaning and replacement in case of accidental scratches or damage (you won’t have to replace the whole floor if you need to fix a particular area)

Each wood piece is carefully cut and fitted together at an angle that forms a true point.

The true point is also known for its infamous V shaping.

This V shaping effect can be used to organise your bedroom and furniture by using the direction of the V point created by the Chevron pattern.

The room where Chevron will be installed will look wider and larger than normal due to the optical illusion created by its pattern.

This type of parquet flooring also works well with both dark and light wood colours.

Depending on the feeling you want to achieve in your home, there are two main types you can install:

  • A lighter wood texture creates a fresher look
  • A darker wood texture creates a warmer texture

At Prestige Wood Flooring Supplier you can find chevron pattern from oak, ash, maple, and other species of wood.

The Difference Between Chevron and Herringbone

The main difference between chevron and herringbone floors which are not cut at an angle.

As it can be seen above, herringbone floors are not cut at an angle and they are joining in a different pattern (also known as a zig-zag pattern)

Chevron parquet floors also come in a style known as “fern” which has a tree like design to it.

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