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Engineered wood flooring consists of two or more layers of wood compressed together. The engineered wood floor is a popular choice because it’s easier to install and provides a great stability. Looking similar to solid wood flooring, this product allows different levels of humidity and different temperatures, being suitable for underfloor heating.

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Pro and cons of engineered wood flooring

  1. It is very durable and has more superior stability than solid wood flooring
  2. It is cheaper than solid wood flooring and looks almost the same
  3. It is resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity over hardwood flooring
  4. More options for installation
  5. One con is that it can’t be sanded and refinished as often as a solid floor
  6. An impressive range of colours, textures, wood species and finishes
  7. One big point is that once installed you can walk on it immediately
  8. Can be installed anywhere in the house
  9. Suitable for underfloor heating, while the same can’t be said for hardwood flooring
  10. Easier to clean and more hygienic than carpets and laminate flooring

How is made the engineered wood flooring?

Engineered wood flooring has multiple layers. The first layer is made of real wood. And the other layers can be made from several layers of plywood, HDF or solid wood.

These layers are put together, then glued and pressed to form a strong bond. The engineered wood floor will be stronger than solid wood flooring because of these multiple layers that are bonded together. It offers you the best quality you can get for a wooden floor.

Species of wood and finishes for engineered wood floor

There are multiples styles, species, and colours to choose when it comes to engineered flooring. You can find engineered wood floor from oak, ash, walnut, jarrah, and merbau. The last ones can be chosen for contemporary spaces, because of their darker colours.

For a lighter traditional or modern design, you can choose the oak or the white and silver finish from ash.

No matter what species of wood you choose, or if it comes unfinished or finished, engineered wood flooring is extremely durable and offers great stability, thanks to the manufacturing technique.

You can choose either an oiled or lacquered finish. The oil will add character to your floor and have a wonderful natural appearance. Oil is easy to apply and will keep your engineered wood floor in a great condition.

On the other hand, lacquer will form a coat on top of the floor which will help you protect the engineered floor and it will become waterproof as well. With a uniform look after the lacquered finish, the engineered wood floor is very easy to clean and will give a contemporary feel.

Underfloor heating option

The engineered wood floor is suitable for underfloor heating but the temperature must not exceed 27C. This type of wood flooring can adapt to the changes, humidity, and temperature. You must pay attention to the thickness mm of the planks, so the thickness doesn’t block the heat.

Interior recommendation

The engineered wood floor can be installed in most areas of the home, dining and living rooms, hallways, kitchen, and bedrooms. You should think twice if you want the engineered floor in your bathroom because of the high moisture environment. It’s still a natural product, so if you choose it for the kitchen and hallways, you should go for a lacquer finish because it is easier to clean and maintain.

Installation methods

Because t’is easier to install than solid wood flooring, engineered flooring can be installed in many ways, including nailing, gluing and floating. Engineered floors can have a click in system and then you will not need glue.

For a better result, you need to do the next steps: 1. Acclimatise your new flooring for at least seven days. 2. Preparing the subfloor, which must be dry, smooth, clean and clear of any structure. 3. Buying the right underlay, which will help you deal with moisture, small lumps and bumps, and to reduce the sound of footsteps.

Clean and maintenance

Engineered wood floorIing is easy to clean and maintain.

Here are some tips you can use:

-You can vacuum or sweep your engineered floor every day if you want but you must use a dry microfiber dust mop

-You must avoid abrasive material because it will destroy the engineered floor,

-Use doormats and rugs by doors and use furniture pads under table legs. Don’t forget that you should always use cleaning products that are especially for wooden floors.

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