New Arrival! Unfinished European Solid Oak Planks - 2.4 Meters Long - Character Grade! Limited Stock!

Engineered oak wood flooring became a very popular choice because of its quality and beauty. Engineered oak flooring gives you all the advantages of a solid wood floor, but it is more durable, cheaper and offers more stability. This stability comes from the multiple layers that engineered oak flooring is made of. You can find 3 layers or more to each engineered oak floor.

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Engineered oak wood flooring comes up in several layers of plywood and real oak wood on top. These layers and the real wood gives the floorboards durability and the planks will not change under pressure or other conditions, like humidity and temperatures. That’s why engineered oak flooring it’s suitable for underfloor heating.


This hardwood is naturally strong and hard wearing and it has a dense wood composition. Oakwood comes with a beautiful grain which makes it a great choice for flooring. Thanks to oak wood, the engineered oak wood floor will be resistant to fungal and insect attacks. You will spend less money on repairs. Oak will give your engineered floor a timeless look and warmth.

Advantages of engineered oak flooring

-high-quality look

-good stability and strength

-suitable for underfloor heating

-eco-friendly, the oak layer is thin

-incredibly versatile

-good investment, adding value to your house

-multiple colours, grains, and patterns

-cheaper than solid wood flooring

-can be installed anywhere

-many finished loosk, lacquered, oiled, brushed, aged

-hygienic floor, allergens will not be found on the floor surface

-easy to install

-low maintenance

-resistant to different temperatures and water

Interior recommendation

Because of its neutral colour, engineered oak flooring can be laid in any room of your home. Oak is a timber which goes wonderfully in a traditional design but in a modern room as well. It all depends on the type of finish.

The engineered oak floor can be installed in the living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, bedroom, and even bathroom.

Because of its versatility, you can find engineered oak floor which comes in light or dark shades. If you want the feeling of calm you can go for a light engineered oak floor and this will make the room bigger as well. On the other hand, a darker rustic oak floor will grab your attention the second you walk in the room. For a contemporary look, you can choose a grey tone and this can be if you want to buy extravagant furniture.

Installation method

The engineered oak floor can be installed in many fitting methods. This floor is dimensionally stable and can be installed over all types of the subfloors. The engineered oak floor needs at least 2 days to acclimatise with the environment.

The fitting methods you can use are: nailed, glued down or floating. For the floating method, you must use the correct underlay. The underlay will give better support and adds life to your floor. The subfloor must be clean, dry, leveled and smooth. For the glued down method, you will need a bonding agent such as adhesive or glue.

Clean and maintenance

Engineered oak flooring is easy to clean and maintain. You can sweep or vacuum it daily. We recommend that you do either or both before washing it. An important factor is the cleaning products. You must use cleaning products that are exclusively for wooden floors. You need to avoid abrasive materials or harsh detergents. For a wet-cleaning, you need to make sure that the microfibre mop is well wrung out.

For protecting your engineered oak flooring you can use furniture pads and you can place mats at external entrances and keep pets’ nails trimmed.

To show you how much trust we have in our engineered European oak wood floors, we will give you a 20-year warranty. At Prestige Wood Flooring Supplier you can buy engineered oak floor with 10 mm thickness. This type of product can give you the opportunity to sand or refinish the floor, usually around 3 times. Prices start from £16,50, excluding VAT.

  • 350x70mm Unfinished Engineered Oak Parquet Herringbone Wood Flooring Block 10mm Thickness

    • Pack size: 1.28 m² per box

    If you want to order over 100 sq. m. contact us by phone or live support chat for a better value per sq. m.

    £36.40 / sq. m.

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