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Normally it’s not about how old the chevron pattern is, it’s about when exactly or approximately this pattern became into the wood flooring industry as bespoke wood flooring. Read More


So, the actual known origins of this particular pattern is that it emerged from the combination of two embroidery stitches popular in the 13th and 14th centuries: the Gobelin (or brick stitch) and the Hungarian (or zig-zag stitch). The result was a favourite of Princess Elizabeth of Hungary, who travelled to Perugia, Italy and carried with her this embroidery pattern in her clothes and then became very popular with Italians.

A wood craftsman took this further and created the Chevron wood pattern and it became extremely popular in Germany and France (even in Palais du Versailles there is a room made with this wood pattern) around the 16th Century.

How the Chevron is made

Consider the fact that in the 16th Century, the woodworkers didn’t have the tools of today and it’s extremely fascinating to think how they were able to manufacture such boards with precise measurements and also to install them in a perfect line up!

The Chevron wood planks meet at perfect points like a long array of arrows. The pattern is also known as point de Hongrie (or Hungarian herringbone) and can be made at a 45 degree or 60-degree angle.

This type of wood plank is made much bigger than the herringbone wood planks, it’s perfectly cut and can be installed in a large room or joining rooms (palaces, chateaus, mansions, penthouses, Churches, Universities, Museums).

The appeal of such floors is extremely stunning and if the installation is done right, it will last for at least a century.

We can say that this is the entry level to top of the line wooden floors and not many floor installers are trained to install such intricate flooring. You need years of training and expertise to install them.

Chevron installation

In these days we have two main categories- solid wood Chevron wood planks and engineered Chevron wood planks (feasible for underfloor heating).

From my point of view, as a wood flooring specialist in these kind of wooden floors, I recommend that you can install Engineered Chevron planks only if you have underfloor heating into the subfloor and only by gluing down the planks. In this way, you will have a longer life span (15-20 years) but not longer than the solid wood Chevron planks (more than 100 years).

If you do not have underfloor heating, then you can install solid wood Chevron planks by gluing them down on the concrete subfloor or gluing and secretly nailing them down if you have plywood/chipboard as a subfloor.

Our Chevron wood parquet planks are made in Europe mainly from oak, at the highest standard and are supplied as a unfinished wood plank and also as a prefinished Chevron wood planks, suitable for any case scenario.

In addition, we offer as a huge variety for service-labour installation, sanding, preparation, staining and finishes for these types of Chevron parquet floors.

  • 500x70mm Unfinished Solid Oak Parquet Chevron Wood Flooring Block 21mm Thickness

    • Pack size: 1.220m² (left and right boxes)
    • Pack price for less than 100m²: £67.08
    • Pack price for more than 100m²: £64.99

    If you want to order over 100 sq. m. contact us by phone or live support chat for a better value per sq. m.

    £54.99 / sq. m.

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