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Unfinished engineered oak floor is made up from multiple layers of oakwood to create a single block wood or plank. As the name suggests, the engineered oak floor needs to be finished on site, giving you the freedom to complete the last look. The unfinished engineered oak floor has attractive colours, figuring and great durability. Oak wood flooring is a very popular choice for homeowners in the UK, because of the traditional and somewhat modern look.

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Advantages of engineered oak flooring

-cheaper than an unfinished solid oak floor

-a real layer of oak wood on top

-more resistant to temperature and humidity changes than solid oak flooring

-compatible with underfloor heating

-can be sanded and refinished if necessary

-many ways to be installed

-extremely durable

-good investment for your home

-excellent versatility and stability, thanks to the multiple layers of oakwood

-you can walk on it right after installing it

-the unfinished engineered oak floor can be installed anywhere, above, below or at ground level

-minimum maintenance needed

-eco-friendly, the unfinished engineered oak floor is made from plywood (it grows fast)

-you can finish your floor as you wish, matching the engineered oak floor with interior design and other floors from the house

Interior recommendation for unfinished engineered oak flooring:

Unfinished engineered oak floor can be laid anywhere. Underfloor heating isn’t a problem, the floor won’t suffer changes at different temperatures or humidity. Oakwood can work well in a traditional interior but in a modern room too. You can go with the unfinished engineered oak floor in your living room, bedroom, dining room, hallway or kitchen. Engineered oak flooring will give the floor more stability and can work in rooms with heavy traffic.

Finish look

You can finish your engineered oak floor in a few ways, depending on the design you want to create. No oil or lacquer has been applied during the manufacturing process so you need to choose something you like.

The lacquer sits on top of the wood and becomes water resistant.  A lacquered finish can give your floor a gloss, high gloss or matte finish. The lacquered finish has a moderate scratch resistance. With this type of finish, the spills won’t seep into the core of your engineered oak floor.

For a more natural and matte look, you can go with an oiled finish. The protection level on the oiled floor is not only on the surface but into the heart of the wood too. The oiled finish has a poor water protection for your engineered oak floor but an excellent scratch resistance.

Installing method

One method to install the unfished engineered oak floor can be the glued down method. But first, you need to acclimatise the new floor with the environment where it will be laid. Before installation, you need to make sure that the subfloor is clean, dry, smooth and leveled. The glued down method includes a bonding agent, like adhesive or glue. The bonding agent needs to be put directly on the subfloor before laying the engineered floor.

Clean and maintain the unfinished engineered oak flooring

The unfinished engineered oak floor has a low maintenance. You can sweep and vacuum daily or weekly to get rid of dust. Once a week you can use a wet-cleaning method with an antibacterial floor cleaner. You must try to clean up spills immediately. Using floor protector pads on furniture, exterior, and interior mats will help to prevent the damage. You should avoid using abrasive cleaners or detergents on your wooden floor.

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