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Underlay or underlayment is a thin layer of cushioning laid between a subfloor and a new wooden floor or carpet. This underlay can be made from sponge rubber, foam, felt or crumb rubber. This layer helps against sounds, moisture and heat.

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Advantages of underlay for wood flooring:

-noise reduction, one of the most important advantage of underlays. Some studies show that using the right underlay and depending on the type of floor, sounds can be reduced even by 50%.

-thermal insulation, another good benefit about underlay.

-your new floor will be protected by the underlay, and the floor will last longer

-helps the new floor to fit and to sit better on the subfloor surface

-other important benefit is that underlay for wood floors will be moisture resistant

-underlays for underfloor heating allow the transfer of temperature and gives you a great feel under foot

-the right underlay will level the floor, the subfloor must be level in order the new floor to have a long-lasting life

Types of underlay for flooring

-Slotted underlay- suitable for solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring

-Sticky backed underlay- also suitable for solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. It has a sticky layer which is revealed as the plastic backing is removed

-Standard underlay-we recommend this product only for engineered wood flooring

-Underfoot heating underlay- this product helps the heat transfer and provide a good protection as well

-Fibre boards- this underlay should be used with engineered wooden floors.

Before buying the underlay for your new project, you must take in consideration a few aspects: What thickness do you need for your underlay? What type of subfloor you have? Do you want to go whit underfloor heating? Does the room where the new floor will be installed has a moisture or damp problem?

At Prestige Wood Flooring Supplier LTD you can find underlay especially designed for underfloor heating, with 3mm of thickness, 3mm gold underlay which goes with engineered, solid and laminate flooring and 6mm gold underlay for engineered wood flooring, solid wood flooring and laminate.

For more, our experts are happy to help with any question you have. Go online and request a free quote.

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