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Skirting boards’ purpose is to cover the join between the wall and the wood floor. These boards are the bridge between the wooden floor and interior style. MDF means Medium Density Fibreboard and is made up from wood fibres that are gathered from hardwoods and softwoods that have been broken down.

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At Prestige Wood Flooring Supplier you will find five styles of MDF Skirting Boards: ogee, ovolo, pencil, square and torus. We provide MDF Skirting Boards with different dimensions, the length of each skirting board is 4.4m.

Depending on the colour scheme of the room you can think what colour to choose for your skirting board. The most popular colour is white but it can be a darker colour as well or it can be painted in different shades, like blue or green.

Advantages of MDF Skirting Boards

-cheaper than real-wood skirting boards

-easier to work with and install

-good quality without compromising the design

-great range of size options

-MDF skirting boards are made to last

-MDF won’t expand and contract at temperatures and humidity changes

-MDF skirting boards are suitable for any type of room, moisture resistant, it won’t warp or crack

-improves the aesthetics and sturdiness of your space

-level surface and spotless paint finish, unlike hardwood or softwood skirting which have knots

-easy to paint and it looks great after painting thank to the absence of natural imperfections

Installing the MDF skirting board

First of all, you need to make sure that you take down all the measurements. One of the perfect advice we heard is to measure twice and cut once. The cuts need to be made at 45-degree angle so that 2 pieces of MDF skirting boards join perfectly.  A nail gun will help to attach the skirting board to the wall. To applying the adhesive to the back of the MDF skirting board, we recommend making a zigzag line. Don’t forget to start with the longest wall that has internal corners, and once the adhesive is on you can start pressing the MDF skirting into place.

If you need any help in deciding on the model of the skirting board or any help in install it, please do not hesitate to contact us online or by phone.

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