New Arrival! Unfinished European Solid Oak Planks - 2.4 Meters Long - Character Grade! Limited Stock!

The unfinished engineered wood flooring is made from multiple layers of plywood with a solid wood surface.

The layers consist of plywood, high-density fibreboards or you can find layers made up of solid wood as well.

The top surface of the unfinished engineered floor is from hardwood veneer.

For unfinished engineered wood flooring, no lacquer or oil finish will be applied from the factory. The top surface will be raw solid wood.

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Lacquered or Oil finish

The manufacturing process gives the floor a great stability but you need to finish it after installation. Before you can walk on it you must finish the floor with lacquer or oil.

Lacquering is one way to secure your unfinished engineered floor and it comes with a long-lasting protection. Lacquer sits on top of the engineered floor and water will not seep into the core of your wood floor. Lacquer look can be high gloss, regular gloss or matte.

For a more natural look, you can finish your engineered wood floor with oil. The finished look will be a wonderful, natural, matte look. The protection of oil goes deeper in the body of the floor, so the protection will be on the surface and into the core too. The oiled finish has a great scratch resistance and sometimes has a brushed effect.

Advantages of unfinished engineered wood flooring:

-you can apply your own finish, your own mark

-great stability and durability, thanks to the engineered planks

-you can match the finished look with other floors and furniture

-many combinations of wood species and plank sizes

-many choices of colour stains and many types of finishes are available

-cheaper than a finished engineered wood floor

-the protection after installation will safeguard the floor against spills

-easy to clean up and maintain

-increase the value of your property

-can be sanded and refinished a few times

-creates less waste than solid wood flooring

-can be installed over underfloor heating

-20-year warranty

Installation of unfinished engineered floor

You can go for any of these three standard methods of installation: nailing, gluing or floating floor.

Before installing your unfinished engineered wood floor you must allow the product to acclimatise at least 48 hours. The floating method is the easiest way to lay down your unfinished engineered floor. With this installation method planks are glued or snapped together. It goes with any type of subfloor, concrete, plywood, sheet vinyl, or ceramic. Many unfinished engineered floors come with a “click lock” systems. The unfinished engineered floor will lock into itself. You can install your engineered floor in one day, depending on the size of the room. The subfloor must be flat, dry and smooth. Most of the times the underlay is a foam layer. The foam layer is installed between the subfloor and the unfinished engineered wood floor is a barrier for moisture and sounds.

Cleaning and maintaining the unfinished engineered wood flooring

The unfinished engineered wood floor may cope better with moisture than a hardwood floor. Daily you can use vacuum or sweep. You should use a limited amount of water as any extra standing water will damage your engineered floor. You can prevent your floor from scratches if you vacuum frequently and place furniture pads. Keep in mind about the cleaning products you use. We recommend buying the products with a neutral Ph. You should use the products which are made especially for wooden floor care.

The unfinished engineered wood floor has become a popular choice for homeowners in the UK. Being more complex than the solid wood floor, the unfinished engineered floor can be more spectacular too. All of our products come with a 20-year warranty. At Prestige Wood Flooring Supplier you will find unfinished engineered wood flooring from European oak wood. If you want to customize your wood floor, the unfinished engineered floor is a perfect choice.

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