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Versailles parquet flooring will be something different and elegant for your home. The appearance of a diamond comes from the individual blocks that are arranged in a square shape.

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Versailles pattern is named after the Palace of Versailles in France.  This type of parquet is a symbol of a royal taste since 1684 but it can be used in any home, either with a traditional or modern interior.

Since the 17th-century the installation and finishing method for Versailles parquet flooring has remained almost the same.

Panels style

This product has a good stability compared to solid wood. One of the advantages of this stability is that Versailles parquet flooring can handle humidity changes better. Versailles parquet flooring can be suitable for underfloor heating.

Types of wood used

For Versailles parquet flooring the most used wood is oak. The oak will give you the warm and cozy look.


Versailles parquet floor can be darker for a rustic design, for those who like a natural look. Can be also lighter for a modern and larger room design.

Interior recommendation

Due to its history, designers recommended Versailles parquet flooring when you have other vintage items, like furniture and paintings. Our Versailles parquet flooring shows very well in a large living room with extravagant antique decoration. You can use the Versailles pattern for your kitchen as well to bring a classy and vintage look. But it can also be adapted to modern designs too. For a complete look, you can use the Versailles pattern in a room with a fireplace.

Benefits of Versailles parquet flooring:

-unique and vintage look

-easy installation

-underfloor heating

-long-lasting resistance

-great stability

-easy to replace small blocks if it’s damaged

-many colours and tones

Finished or unfinished

Versailles parquet flooring can be unfinished and finished. As unfinished you can create the finish you desire. Versailles parquet flooring can be finished as well and oiled or lacquered finishes can make the plank easy to clean and hides any scratches.


The best way to install the Versailles parquet floor is by gluing and nailing them. The subfloor must be sanded flat to overcome unevenness in the screed.

You need the glue to be permanently elastic and to allow working with the wood without causing cracks or breaking.

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