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10 Ideas of Bespoke Wood Flooring for Your Home

  1. Bespoke Wood Panel for Hallway

You can give more personality to your hallway with one bespoke wood panel in the middle of the floor.

  1. Two Colours Basket Wave Style

This style of wood flooring goes well in any room of your home. The oak will gibe the floor resistance and the two colours, character.

  1. Extra Dark Versailles

You need to be bold for this type of wood flooring. The pattern and the colour goes well in one extravagant living-room or maybe a fancy dressing room.

  1. Light Bespoke Wood Flooring

For a calm and elegant space, you can choose the unfinished bespoke wood flooring. You either let the floor unfinished or go with one from a great range of finishes style.

  1. Rustic Herringbone Wood Flooring

This type of flooring can fit in every room with any style. A rustic herringbone wood floor will give the room extra warm and will make the room cosier.

  1. Wide Planks Wood Flooring

For a large living-room or lounge, the wide planks are an ideal choice. It is so simple to create a perfect space with this style of flooring. Dark floor and light furniture are equal to a stunning room.

  1. Bespoke Chevron Floor with Bespoke Wood Panel and Borders

For a long hallway, this type of flooring is great. You can make a statement even from the entrance area of your home. This floor will simply “decorate” the space.

  1. Three Colours Bespoke Wood Panel

This beautiful panel can be used single in the middle of the room, or the hole floor can be fitted with this amazing pattern. The floor will be the centrepiece of the space.

  1. Two Colours Chevron Style Wooden Floor

How great is looks the fireplace in the heart of this beautiful floor pattern? This style of floor with border or without, ca be used in every space from the house, it will catch eyes anywhere.

  1. Luxury Bespoke Versailles Wood Flooring

This style of flooring will add value to your home, and elegance. We recommend this floor for a stunning living room. Without thinking the bespoke Versailles will be the centrepiece of the house.

All the pictures above have been made in a Prestige Wood Flooring Supplier’s site. For more information or prices, you can request a free quote. Our experts are happy to help.

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