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A Builder’s Perspective: The Herringbone Wood Pattern

The herringbone wood pattern has been the most popular wood pattern for past centuries in Europe and even now it still stands as being one of the most beautiful wood floors ever invented. It also does not have an expiration date

It can be used in almost any type of property- old houses, new houses, flats, penthouses, mansions, chateau, or palaces.

Nobody knows for sure of when it started to appear or who exactly invented this wood pattern and installed it on floors ( do not make a confusion with the actual herringbone pattern- for bricks, cement and so on)  and most likely came to light back in the 15th century and became the most feasible choice for middle- and high-class society.

The beauty of the herringbone pattern  is that it can be installed in many ways- from single wood block, double wood blocks, triple herringbone wood blocks and from there on, the basked wave wood pattern which  can be made from three wood block or four wood blocks installed at 90 degree with each other and in the middle can be a square of wood( normally different wood species as a contrast) .

The most popular wood species used for herringbone pattern is oak. It is a very stable wood, extremely easy to repair and maintain, affordable for many people and can be installed basically in any house anywhere in the world.

Most of the wood blocks are made from at least 20mm thick and above of a solid oak and the length and width is a variable one (normally with this one the sky’s the limit).

Here, unfortunately many people miss a lot of important factors when they go online or inside stores to purchase the herringbone wood flooring ; they are attracted only by the cheapest prices but not by the quality, life span and how they can lay a proper wood floor in their houses ( the right measurements of the wood block) .

The most important factors to be taken in consideration prior to purchasing the herringbone wood flooring are:

  • the layout in the property (I will specify later in one of my studies)
  • the starting point of the wood installation.
  • the size of the rooms (based on the size of the rooms can be chosen the right size of the wood block).
  • the height of the room ceiling (I will go in much details later),
  • the stain colour which goes on top the wood
  • how the installation will be done
  • the status of the subfloor
  • the insulation of the subfloor and protect the new floor against high humidity and condensation.

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